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Monday, May 27, 2013

Installing the GPIO Module and some updates

Much like the Relay, the GPIO module has screw down top terminals, the reason I have a 32 channel unit is because there is supposed to be infrared timing units and LED display boards, however, those will likely not arrive in time for this project. I am unsure and will have to consult with Numato about how to hook the GPIO module up before I power it on. Heres a picture of what I have so far:

Once again, please disregard the messy wires, that will be nice and neat in the final product. As well, I apologize for the delay, the unit was with VB Alex for a couple days so he could try out some code.

In addition, I am trying to get a couple of I series enclosures from Serpac (http://www.serpac.com/i-series.aspx) hopefully they'll send me some samples. Consulting Team 1 is working on looking over my Arduino Code. Consulting team 3 is in the acquisition process for acquiring the electronic Solenoid Valves. Finally I am still missing the SPDT switch that will be used to select either side for operation, as well as a power source to power the whole thing.

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