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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The computer Control side of the launch system will commence using 2 Numato labs products. One is a 32 channel GPIO module, which will be used for the buttons, as well as Digital display boards (will integrate if possible/available, otherwise a provision for the future), as well as possible timers, etc.

I have received the 2 products from Numato Labs (http://www.numato.com), the package came a little worse for wear, but it did fly half way around the world. (the white spots were tracking numbers)

The first item, is the Numato 16 channel USB relay, available at: http://numato.com/16-channel-usb-relay-module . This board will be used for controlling the LED's, and Solenoid valves. it will be powered by a 12 V power supply separate from the relay's to ensure we don't have a voltage dip causing any sort of unintended actions. This controller was perfect for our application because it is (on paper), capable of switching the Solenoids we will be using.

The smaller package is a 32 Channel GPIO (General Purpose Input-Output) module that will accept inputs from the user joysticks, as well as in the future, output to LED display boards for timing information, as well as the sensors. This board is available at: http://numato.com/32-channel-usb-gpio-module

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