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Monday, May 27, 2013

Installing the GPIO Module and some updates

Much like the Relay, the GPIO module has screw down top terminals, the reason I have a 32 channel unit is because there is supposed to be infrared timing units and LED display boards, however, those will likely not arrive in time for this project. I am unsure and will have to consult with Numato about how to hook the GPIO module up before I power it on. Heres a picture of what I have so far:

Once again, please disregard the messy wires, that will be nice and neat in the final product. As well, I apologize for the delay, the unit was with VB Alex for a couple days so he could try out some code.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Relay's in place

Got a little preliminary wiring done, the relay has been rested, just have to wait for Visual Basic programmer Alex to send me some code to test!

As you can see, the wiring is a mess, however I can assure you it works with a little hyperterminal action done in accordance with the Numato manual page 4-5 available at http://numato.com/productdoc/usbrelay16/usbrelay16.pdf
The next step is to add in the GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) module, following that, I'll need to acquire some PCB (Circuit Board, so I can solder the connections permanently), and put it all together forever.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The computer Control side of the launch system will commence using 2 Numato labs products. One is a 32 channel GPIO module, which will be used for the buttons, as well as Digital display boards (will integrate if possible/available, otherwise a provision for the future), as well as possible timers, etc.

I have received the 2 products from Numato Labs (http://www.numato.com), the package came a little worse for wear, but it did fly half way around the world. (the white spots were tracking numbers)

The first item, is the Numato 16 channel USB relay, available at: http://numato.com/16-channel-usb-relay-module . This board will be used for controlling the LED's, and Solenoid valves. it will be powered by a 12 V power supply separate from the relay's to ensure we don't have a voltage dip causing any sort of unintended actions. This controller was perfect for our application because it is (on paper), capable of switching the Solenoids we will be using.

Monday, May 6, 2013

I am currently working on the Arduino side of the launcher, so far I have gotten the basic tree, and two buttons. (the captions are below the pictures), by request here are some early pictures (and a more recent one).

 This is an early mock-up

 Quick sketch of how either side will connect to the LED's, this is also the same for the Solenoids (but slightly different in connecting the Arduino to the solenoids. DO NOT USE THIS, there are no resistors, or switches!

 This is a very early mock-up, I couldn't find my breadboards yet. I ended up securing two from school.

 Here is one button working to turn on the red light at the bottom once the tree has counted down.

 A set-up with two buttons

 Re-wired to clean it up a little, disregard the 4016 chip, it's not doing anything. It was planed to use that as a electronic switch to interrupt the firing if the stage or yellow lights were on, however I think I broke it.
A topographic shot of the two button set-up