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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Update on situation

UPDATE 07/06/2013: Hoping to speak with Consulting Team 1 this weekend. Will have to check with the school office on monday to see if Serpac has sent out enclosures to us, Or I'll order the samples through my company email (if you're doing this, check with your employer/administrator first).

Good news summary: Relay tree and solenoid code is almost ready! Final assembly is in progress, pictures coming soon!

Good news detailed: RELAY16 code is just about final with a few glitches, that should be ironed out soon. I'll publish it and the VBL files in a ZIP archive when I receive them from Alex.  I have also begun "Final Assembly" even without the working code for the GPIO module; So far I have drilled out positions for the LED Race Trees for both sides of the track and am soldering resistors to the top "Pre-stage" and "Stage" LED's. Pictures will be up soon. Pieces of the mounting frame are being designed in eMachineShop CAD and will be transferred into VCarve (somehow, have to talk to my teacher and a classmate who's an expert in CNC).

Bad news summary: GPIO32 is DOA (until I figure out otherwise), the semester will end before the project is complete.

Bad news detailed: I'm in talks with Numato labs in diagnosing the GPIO32, so far it's not looking good as I have checked: "Pin set to USB Power" "Green LED is solid, not blinking" & "Cable is functioning correctly". This will delay the project further. On that note, I have approximately just over a week of school before exams, therefore I have talked to my teacher earlier today expressing that I wish to take on the project over the summer, essentially: My in-school project just became my summer project.

Thanks, Calvin

UPDATE 04/06/2013: No new code, and not much progress thus far, Will be speaking to VB Alex on June 5, 2013, he said he has code he wants me to try out,also I have just finished speaking with Consulting team 1 on the Arduino Interrupts. Hopefully a productive week ahead, 11 day's to go before this thing must be working.

Serpac Still has not responded about the Boxes.

Once again, I would like to thank Numato Labs for all their help on this project as well.


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